will organize for 2018:

at Palazzo Mora, Palazzo Bembo and Giardini Marinaressa 
at Palazzo Michiel



 EXHIBITION TITLE      Time Space Existence 
 HOSTING INSTITUTION     European Cultural Centre
 LOCATION         Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora and Giardini Marinaressa.  Venice, Italy
 PROMOTER      GAA Foundation
 ORGANISERS     Rachele de Stefano, Alesia Varnaeva, Valeria Romagnini, Lucia Pedrana,
     Elena Volpato,  Bianca Bonaldi, Rocco Schenkel, Bérénice Freytag, Ilaria Marcatelli
 OPENING PERIOD     26 May - 25 November 2018 (preview: 24 + 25 May 2018)



The fourth edition of the biennial architecture exhibition “TIME SPACE EXISTENCE” presents a wide selection of works from architects, photographers, sculptors and universities from all over the world. In addition, projects realized in cooperation with institutions and museums. 

The participating architects and artists come from diverse cultural backgrounds and different career stages, i.e. established architects next to professionals whose works might be less known. What they have in common is their dedication to architecture in the broadest sense of their profession. The exhibition shows a vast spectrum of presentations (models, concepts, research outcomes, thoughts, dreams and ideas), placing classical architectural installations in dialogue with surprising artistic elements. 

The topic TIME SPACE EXISTENCE gives the possibility for each architect to focus on these fundamental existential questions, creating an extraordinary combination of projects and approaches. By combining projects from architecture studios with works of architecture photography and sculpture, the exhibition becomes a dialogue between current developments, ideas and thoughts in art and architecture, highlighting the philosophical concepts of Time, Space and Existence.  

We focus significantly on future developments. International Universities such as North Carolina State University, ETH Singapore, Cincinnati, Buffalo, ENSA Strasbourg, Oklahoma, TU Delft, Syracuse, Victoria University New Zealand and Monash University Australia will present their research projects.   
In addition, we will host the Mies van der Rohe Foundation with the YTAA Award. Professors, students and researchers will enrich our exhibition with open lectures and conferences often in cooperation with the European Cultural Academy.   Besides participations by architects such as Curtis Fentress, Fumihiko Maki, Odile Decq, Ideal Spaces, Richard Meier, Mark Harris, Jean-Paul Viguier, Nikken Sekkei, SOM and Kengo Kuma, we will present a monumental project by Daniel Libeskind.   

Each location dedicated to the exhibition offers a specific atmosphere. The rooms of Palazzo Bembo mainly hosts solo presentations, amongst them the projects of a.o. Richard Meier, Curtis Fentress and the North Carolina State University. Palazzo Mora presents the research of many universities together with a large variety of photography presentations and international studio projects such as S.O.M. Chicago and the Mies van der Rohe Foundation. 

The Giardini Marinaressa host a variety of sculptures and site-specific installations such as the National Pavilion of Pakistan, the University of Cincinnati and the monumental project of Daniel Libeskind.  

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 VENUES     European Cultural Centre, Palazzo Michiel
 LOCATION         Venice, Italy
 PROMOTER      GAA Foundation
 ORGANIZERS     Camille Guibaud, Anais.Hammoud
 OPENING PERIOD     26 May - 25 November 2018 (preview: 24 + 25 May 2018)

Pioneer event VENICE DESIGN is the largest International Design exhibition running alongside La Biennale di Venezia. From May 26th to November 25th 2018, the third consecutive edition of VENICE DESIGN will again be hosted by the European Cultural Centre. In the historical location of Palazzo Michiel, facing the Grand Canal, international Designers invade the venue to express themselves and to propose a singular reflexion on materialising, shaping and transforming our daily environment. Design will show its ongoing connection between body, object and space challenging the visitors to interact with pieces and immersive installations.

Around 50 international creators from 30 different countries and of various cultural backgrounds are invited to present their processes and visions towards Design. Constellations of creators will shine a light on the meaning of conceiving and producing our forthcoming living spheres through conscious designs, innovative objects and experiential installations. Through their social and ethical processes, some invited Designers are raising a collective awareness leading to significant statements. While a few reflect upon innovative approaches towards shaping and re-thinking materiality, others will offer physical experiences. Palazzo Michiel becomes a vibrating space where interdisciplinary Design inspires and stimulates curiosity. The body as a structural architecture and a performative element at the core of those initiatives will reconnect with its interactivity.

As an international platform, VENICE DESIGN will travel to Mexico City, thanks to its first collaboration with Archivo, Architecture & Design Museum for the occasion of World Design Capital 2018. In addition, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Coalesce x Antidote participating as the first National Pavillon of Pakistan.

Invariably connected to its local roots, VENICE DESIGN thanks to its city map will allow its visitors to wander around the city to discover 40 independent craftsmen living and working in Venice.


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